Tallinn music week

Tallinn music week

Tallinn Music week
Date: 23-28.03.2020
Location: various locations

Tallinn Music Week is the biggest indoor festival and music industry conference in the Baltic-Nordic region, attracting an enthusiastic audience of nearly 20,000 music lovers from Estonia and neighbouring countries. The line-up presents around 800 industry players, more than 200 Estonian and international acts from diverse musical genres from pop to jazz and hard rock to electronic music. The TMW City Stage programme offers daily free pop-up concerts in unexpected and exciting places across Tallinn.

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Take the time during your stay to discover Tallin and the ghost stories of the old town. Spooks, ghosts, haunts… whatever you call them, if the stories are to be believed, Tallinn is positively infested with things that go bump in the night. Old Town even has a ghost street (Vaimu), which residents centuries ago thought was haunted. More recent tales – coming from as late as the 1990s – tell of spectral nuns in the Gustav Adolph’s Gymnasium and a monk-like figure who could be seen drinking wine in the Maiden’s Tower. The nearby Short Leg Gate Tower probably takes the prize for the most reported incidents: through the years there have been countless sightings of a pair of monks, a woman in old-fashioned dress, and even a spectral dog. Old Town’s most famous haunted house stands at Rataskaevu 16, where legend insists that the Devil once held a wedding party. In any case, for centuries the location has been connected with unexplained, late-night party noises and in the last few years, mysterious, thundering footsteps on its wooden staircase.

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