Activity ideas for Your holiday in Tallinn

quad biking
Quad biking and ATV
The quad biking experience is amazing! Keep clear of the pitfalls, tackle each route
and complete each run with a feeling of satisfaction…and exhaustion !! We provide
the rest of the safety equipment for this activity. Ability to drive is not essential
as you’ll be given instructions before you start and no risk to get lost since an
experienced instructor will guide you through a fantastic itinerary. This is an outdoor,
year-round activity, so don’t forget to bring appropriate clothing and good footwear.



Water activities are always among the best ways to have fun and relax. Use this great
way to explore Estonia while checking the wonders and beauty of Baltic Sea or multiple
rivers and lakes. Sailing is a kind of activity where You can participate either alone with
Your friends if You are a skilled sailor or You can use help of a professional if You just
want to enjoy the journey. The boats of different sizes and design will be at Your disposal
to make Your activity more memorable and more fun.

off road safari

Offroad safari and orientation game

Now it`s time for fun! Head for the hills across some rough, tough terrain in a hardy
4-wheel drive vehicle. You’ll be amazed by what a four wheel drive vehicle can do.
Mud, holes, gullies, steep slopes – the most rugged terrain can be crossed. Do not worry,
our drivers are experienced and, if you feel brave enough, you can also drive the Jeep.
But your mission is not only to show how much plucky you are while enjoying the ride?
You and your friend must prove all your abilities and skills in an amazing orientation
game with check points and several tasks to solve.

Canoing and sea-kayaking
Here is the possibility of combining sports,leisure and sightseeing! You do not have to
be experienced kayaker to take the road, since You will be provided not only with the
kayak itself and instructor-guide, but also with safety equipment as well as all necessary
to make an unforgettable trip. Among numerous water passages there are those that will
take You to the islands, along the rivers with untouched nature over the bank for as long
as an eye can catch or for example, while on the move on the Baltic Sea, You could sail
under the walls that represent the historical maritime glory of Tallinn and have a glimpse
of medieval gothic architecture as passing by the Old Town coastline.