Vilnius Kaziukas fair

Vilnius Kaziukas fair

Vilnius Kaziukas fair
Date: 06-08.03.2020
Location: Vilnius

Like every year, this year during the first weekend of March the streets, squares and other expected and unexpected places will be flooded with the Kaziukas Fair. For three days, you will have no shortage of opportunities to feast your eyes on the celebration, spend money, have fun, join in on traditional Lithuanian dances, and participate in the various festivities. There will be no restrictions on the age, style, or genre of the cultural program at the Kaziukas Fair: visitors’ eyes, ears, and hearts will be delighted by the children, students, and seniors performing at the concerts where the sounds of Medieval, folk, and modern music will be heard. The festival of St. Casimir the patron saint of Lithuanian was born in the 17th century to whom this fair was dedicated to in the 19th century. It is another of the most remarkable calendar festivals with century-old traditions, each time presenting ingenious handworks, colourful, traditional palms and without any rivals in the surrounding areas. The fair attracts several hundred thousand visitors. The second day of the fair continues a festive theatrical procession with participation, as in old times, of the most famous artisans and promoters of folk art and ancient crafts. The procession of artisans and craftsmen along the Vilnius streets will be special because, it manifests the unity of artists and their determination to strive for common goals under the same flag.

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