Vilnius film festival

Vilnius film festival

Vilnius film festival
Date: 19.03-02.04.2020
Location: Vilnius

Vilnius International Film Festival (Vilnius IFF) “Kino Pavasaris” is unquestionably one of the most anticipated annual cultural events in Lithuania – perhaps even the one. It is the largest cinematic event in the country, known and loved for its high quality film programme and rich accompanying package of cinema-related events, workshops, and special initiatives. In March each year, Vilnius IFF presents more than 200 films divided into a range of categories, from Masters and Critic’s Choice to Hot Documentaries, shorts and much more.

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Take the opportunity to visit the Jewish Heritage in Vilnius.Many famous Judaism scholars and rabbis lived and worked in Vilnius; that is why over the 700 years of their presence in Lithuania Jews created a rich and diverse culture. Vilnius was called the Jerusalem of the North. Some of the most interesting spots:

Monument to Tsemakh Shabad
Tsemakh Shabad was a legendary personality. The doctor was active in various spheres of life, including charity (he was one of the heads of the community for supporting refugees), health care (as founder of the Ozė health community in Vilnius), education and science (as an active figure in the Central Jewish Schools Organisation and one of the initiators of the establishment of YIVO), public affairs (together with J. Vygodskij he re-established the Vilnius Jewish Community) and journalism.

Vilnius Choral Synagogue
The synagogue (by architect Dovydas Rozenhauzas) was opened in September 1903, on the Jewish New Year. The building, designed in the Moorish style, has a women’s section and premises for the choir on the second floor. This is the only Jewish house of worship that survived after World War II in Vilnius. Several cantors who are famous all over the world were born in Vilnius. Prayers are held in the Synagogue every day according to the misnagdim tradition.

source: vilnius-tourism.lt

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