Tartu City Day

Tartu City Day

Tartu City Day
Date: 29.06.2019
Location: Tartu (Estonia)

Much fun and many activities take place on every 29 June in Tartu. Tartu is traced and found that day by way of meaningful journeys in the city, well-orchestrated concerts and performances, quiz shows, other carefully composed (sometimes human) formats and fun tournaments. Tartu is met that day in the more unused corners of the town and in the old and new traditions of City Day. On 29 June traces of Tartu are being brought to you by musicians, experts, storytellers, locals and guests alike, as well as by otherwise closed doors that open up that day to welcome you in. The city`s museums, cafés, libraries and churches happily take some of the responsibility of organising the fun and educational activities of the day.

29 June is a busy day in Tartu with lots of fun and interesting things happening. In recent years people have been seeking – and finding – the essence of Tartu on its day through opera and classical music.
As part of Tartu City Day, opera comes to town, has a bit of fun and gets everyone involved who it meets along the way. 29 June is also a day when you’re sure to hear how opera crossovers between genres and performers are born and end up at a gala concert at Town Hall Square. The day will see people exploring the past, present and future of the city via tours, meetups and unexpected encounters.

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Source: www.visitestonia.com and http://kultuur.info

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