Tallinn Medieval Days in the Old Town

Tallinn Medieval Days in the Old Town

Tallinn Medieval Days in the Old Town
Date: 09-12.07.2020
Location: Tallinn Old Town

An exciting trip to the past will take you to the old Reval, 500 years ago! The heart of the city’s Medieval Days takes place on the Town Hall Square where a medieval marketplace of the Golden Era of the Hanseatic League, filled with traders and artisans, is revived. Masters, apprentices and pupils will show their skills near St. Nicholas’ Church. Children can participate in a knight school and archery tournament. Travelling actors and minstrels entertain the city folk and learned men share their knowledge. An annual medieval carnival is held in Tallinn Town Hall.

Charmingly Medieval or amazingly modern? Figuring out which describes Tallinn better would be a tough job. On one hand, the city’s pride and joy is its historic Old Town, an enchanting neighbourhood of centuries-old streets, houses, towers and squares, that looks like it was torn right from the pages of a storybook. On the other hand, threaded through that same Old Town and its environs are the cutting-edge restaurants, cafés and clubs that give Tallinn its energy and buzz. Visitors are often amazed by the newness of the place: the gleaming shops, the stylish interiors, the plush hotels. There are also the high-tech solutions that go hand-in-hand with Tallinn life, like free, wireless Internet available practically everywhere and the common practice of paying for parking by mobile phone. This is, after all, the country that invented Skype. Call it old, new, or some kind of hybrid, Tallinn is an ideal city break destination. For one, it’s a highly compact city, most of which can easily be explored on foot without the need for taxis or buses. Most of the best opportunities for sightseeing, cultural events, dining, shopping, and nightlife are conveniently massed in city centre. There’s certainly plenty to do, but anyone coming here for a real break should know that Tallinn is also a great place to do very
little: take a quiet stroll through a park, relax in a health spa or – if the weather cooperates – sit on a beach. Whatever your agenda, whichever of the Tallinns you need – the romantic, Medieval Tallinn or the trendy, high-tech one – the doors are open. Just take your pick and head on in!

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