Tallinn Marathon

Tallinn Marathon

Tallinn Marathon
Date: 06-08.09.2019
Location: Tallinn

As a tradition, the marathon will take place in every second Sunday of September and the participants will have a choice to run either a marathon (42,195 km) or half-marathon (21,1 km). 10 km and Mesikäpp Children races will take place a day earlier. All walkers and Nordic walkers are also welcome to attend the 10 km race. Like in other famous running events in the world, the Tallinn Marathon course will not only run though the Old Town but also introduce the participants the modern part of the town by passing the well known sights. The course has filled the international requirements and is fast. Also, the weather in September in this latitude should favour all the participants. This is an important aspect why the successful runners from well-known running countries come to Tallinn and also is perfect for recreational athletes to reach their goals. But the most important aspect of it is thousands of running enthusiasts spreading the joy of running.

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It is quite logical, while staying in Tallinn, to plan one day for visiting Helsinki. A part the city centre we also suggest you to visit another great spot: Suomenlinna Suomenlinna is a maritime fortress that was built off the coastof Helsinki in 1748. Here you can get a real feel for Finland’s position between East and West; Suomenlinna was shaped by three distinct historic eras when helped defend first Sweden, then Russia and ultimately Finland. Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a notable example of European military architecture. Suomenlinna is among the most popular sights in Finland and a living district that is home to 850 city residents. With its museums and events, Suomenlinna offers a unique experience for visitors of all ages, who can also enjoy the islands’ enchanting cafes and cosy restaurants. Children can have a great time exploring the many tunnels of the old fortress. Do not forget to visit the Suomenlinna Church and the ship Tykkisluuppi. Suomenlinna Church was originally built as a Russian Orthodox garrison church in 1854 and dedicated to Alexander Nevski. At the time the church featured five towers with onion-shaped domes. The appearance of the church was changed soon after Finland gained independence, and it was converted into an Evangelical Lutheran church in 1918. The church steeple doubles as a lighthouse that still guides ships and airplanes. The lighthouse beacon transmits a message in Morse Code of four short flashes denoting the letter H for Helsinki. Suomenlinna Church is one of the most popular venues in Helsinki for weddings. An exact replica of an 18th century ship named “Tykkisluuppi” is currently being built at Suomenlinna according to the original drawings. Visitors can watch the ship being built at the shipyard. Upon completion the ship will be launched and used for various cultural tourism events.

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