Tallinn Estonia Food Fair SÖÖMA!

Tallinn Estonia Food Fair SÖÖMA!

Tallinn Estonia Food Fair SÖÖMA!
Date: 09-10.05.2020
Location: Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

The mission of Estonian Food Fair SÖÖMA! is to provide Estonian people and guests with an overview of the current state and the developments of the meal table of Estonian people. From May 2017, each spring on the first weekend of May all people are invited to the Estonian Food Fair in Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, entrance is free for everybody. Estonian Food Fair is an event for professional people and the whole family where everybody can eat, do activities, get new knowledges and the high level of entertainment. Among other things, a large playground for children will be arranged in the fair grounds. Being the biggest culinary attraction in the country, the Estonian Food Fair is an event of interest to both us, as well as our foreign guests.

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During your stay in Tallinn, we suggest you to visit the district of Pirita.
Pirita wins hearts with its breathtakingly beautiful nature. Only a few kilometres from the city centre await a sandy beach, Pirita River and the refreshing scent of pine trees. With its beach, adventure park and yachting harbour, Pirita is best known as a centre for summer fun. A quieter way to enjoy the area is to head across the road to the Pirita River delta, where row boats, canoes and water bicycles can be rented. Enjoy a meal and a view to the sea in one of the numerous pubs and restaurants by the coast. Pirita is also remarkable for its own little piece of medieval architecture – the ruins of St. Bridget’s Convent from the 15th century. The convent is still active today, although it is housed in a modern building beside the ruins. In 1980, the sailing regatta of the Moscow Olympic Games was held in Pirita, and the area was also the heart of the Olympic village. Pirita can also boast the highest viewpoint in the area, from the Tallinn TV Tower. The Tallinn Botanic Garden is also located nearby. Filled with rare plant species, the garden by Pirita valley is a perfect place to go for a walk or do sports.

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