Staro Riga (Festival of Light)


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If you like the beauty of the night and the beautiful lights, the festival of light “Staro Riga” is perfect for you , it will take place from November 15 to November 18 2019. “Staro Riga” is a several-day-long exhibition of outdoor installations, which are used to transform the landscape of Riga using modern light and video technologies. The exhibition uses any kind of city object – buildings, squares, bridges, monuments and others. Diverse performances, musical and theatrical shows, and interactivity with visitors will help vitalize the objects.

The festival has become highly popular and anticipated among Rigans and tourists.
“Staro Riga” is an exhibition of outdoor installations, used to transform Riga’s panorama using modern light and video technology. With the help of modern light and video technology, the festival will present around one hundred outdoor installations – building lights, multimedia projections in parks, on high-rise buildings and monuments.
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