Rummu underwater prison

Rummu underwater prison

Rummu, just 45 km far from Tallinn, is a borough where you can find a quarry lake of the same name. Rummu quarry lake with its crystal clear water, great depth and interesting lake bottom has been visited by the divers for a long time especially thanks to Rummu underwater prison. Looking from the surface you don’ t have any idea what is hidden under the water. There are many buildings and hangars that formerly belonged to Murru prison, as well as a variety of machinery and equipmet that were used for mining. This side is the most attractive because of Sunken Prison. Convicts were used to mine limestone in the quarry next door by Russian troops, yet operations came to an abrupt stop when Estonia gained independence about 20 years ago. The quarry filled with water, and soon the prison itself also drowned in what locals call “the blue lagoon.”
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Here you can find a video about Rummu quarry.

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