Robbie Williams in Tallinn 2013

Robbie Williams tour in Tallinn

“I’m a man machine Drinking gasoline Super human being I’m a queen’s dream”

(Man machine by Robbie Williams)

Robbie Williams will come to Tallinn and rocking your body on August 20!

The concert will take place at Estonia’s 70,000-capacity Tallinn Song Festival Ground.

“Take the Crown Live From Tallinn” will have a live theatrical release across 27 territories with a further 18 airing in mid-September. This broadcast follows a number of successful live-to-cinema events in 2013, including the Metropolitan Opera, the British Museum’s Pompeii Live and the National Theater’s production of The Audience with Helen Mirren.

Last month, there were morn than 300 people submit video explaining how Robbie’s music has influenced your life for the chance to meet him here in Tallinn.

These are 10 lucky winners ,who will be flown to Tallinn to  Robbie’s show and introduced to the man himself..! you can check all the winning videos at http://www.robbiewilliams.com/news-blogs/meet-me-in-tallinn-the-winners.

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