Riga city festival

Riga city festival

Riga city festival
Date: 18-20.08.2018
Location: Riga

Riga City Festival – involving countless concerts in Riga’s concert halls, gardens and parks, games, entertainment and sporting activities for grown-ups and children. The Riga City Festival is also a great opportunity to enjoy Riga and its wonderful architecture, as well as to get to know the suburbs. Traditionally, the Riga Retro international antique car convention takes place annually. Events are also on at Vērmanes Dārzs, Doma Laukums, 11.Novembra krastmala, the Spīķeri Quarter, and in other locations. All of Riga’s residents and visitors are welcome to participate.

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For centuries Riga has been a cultural hub of the Baltic sea region – it’s been influenced by the Germans, Swedes, Russians and other nations. Riga has been hailed as a gem of Art Nouveau architecture, and the old town has been included in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage sites, but it reveals its true charm to gourmands. In 1282 Riga became a part of the Hanseatic League, at which point trade developed quickly and exotic products began to reach the city. Taking the best from other nation’s traditions, but staying loyal to its own local farmer’s fresh produce, modern day Riga has become a capital city of taste that invites everyone to explore the unlimited imagination of the city’s chefs and get to know their handiwork. Restaurant specials will offer common products such as peas, gooseberries and honey, as well as products that are less easy to come by in typical cuisine – red-cap boletus mushrooms, chokeberries, veal liver and more. All of the foods are offered in unique combinations and will surprise not only your taste buds, but will also be a treat for the eyes. Each meal finds its essence in the produce that goes into it, which can most easily be found in the central market, in the belly of the city. You can purchase farmers goods in the milk, vegetable, fish and other pavilions, which are fresh and ecologically clean. Look up and enjoy the pavilion architecture – they were built during the First World War as zeppelin hangars! If you want to enjoy these products and masterful creations in a more concentrated way, we suggest you visit one of the Saturday markets, for example the Kalnciema Quarter.

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