Pärnu Music Festival

Pärnu Music Festival

Pärnu Music Festival
Date: 15-21.07.2019
Location: Pärnu (Estonia)

The Pärnu Music Festival and Järvi Academy will continue the fine tradition of musical festivals in Pärnu that has been established over the decades. Pärnu music festival is primarily focused on orchestral music and the main carrier of this concept is the special world-class Pärnu Festival orchestra. The musicians of the orchestra are high-level professionals from all over the world. Furthermore, the festival presents brilliant soloists, who will perform with orchestra and also as chamber musicians. The other important aspect of the festival is the teaching – Järvi Academy offers musical education for young musicians via master classes, which are mainly carried out by the same interprets, who perform at the festival.

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With the beginning of summer, the title of ‘capital’ moves 130 kilometres west to Pärnu, where the buzzing of honeybees fills avenues which lead to the beach, lined on both sides by linden trees. In Pärnu, you can attend to your health in spas, or listen to swing or jazz in the chic Jugendstil milieu of Ammende Villa. Cafes and nightclubs are numerous in Pärnu, and the Pärnu assembly hall, home to grand parties and dining, is unlike any other in Estonia. The cultural meeting place in Pärnu is the Modern Art Museum where every year the Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival takes place. The festival and Pärnu are a natural combination. This is also true of the music festival which is held in memory of a favourite Estonian composer, Raimond Valgre. Valgre’s melancholy songs offer melodies which haunt your memory, become familiar and come to represent the romantic and sun-warmed Estonian summer capital of Pärnu.

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