Pärnu Guild Days

Pärnu Guild Days

Pärnu Guild Days
Date: 10-11.08.2019
Location: Pärnu (Estonia)

The Guild Days showcase the vitality of the handicraft tradition. Genuine and true handicraft is sold in the centre of Pärnu, and craftspeople from many local and international guilds demonstrate their work and skills. At the same time you will find the Farmer’s Market where farmers and small producers sell produce in season. Entertaining musicians add to the atmosphere. Workshops are held for both children and adults. Festival is taking place once a year, in the beginning of August in the Old Town of Pärnu.

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Take also the opportunity to discover the lovely city of Pärnu. Two spots you should visit:

1. Town Hall
The strictly classical buildings were erected as a dwelling place for a merchant, P. R. Harder, in 1797. Alexander I of Russia stayed there during his visit in 1806. When the owner died, the buildings were adjusted to accommodate the city commander in 1819 (the high stone roof was replaced with a low tin roof). Since 1839, the building has been used as the new Town Hall. The Jugendstil extension with Neo-Gothic and Neo-Baroque characteristics was completed in 1911 with rooms for the Town Council. Pärnu Visitor Centre is currently located in the rooms of the Town Hall.

2. Church of St Catherine
Empress Catherine II gave the order to begin the building of the church to replace the earlier wooden church erected in 1752 while she was travelling through Pärnu in 1764. The building was completed in 1768 and meant for the Pärnu garrison. Church of St Catherine is the most stylish and richest example of a Baroque church in Estonia and has in# uenced the architecture of Apostolic Orthodox churches all over the Baltic region.

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