Kuressaare Maritime Festival

Kuressaare Maritime Festival

Kuressaare Maritime Festival
Date: 08-10.08.2019
Location: Kuressaare (Estonia)

Estonians know that the heart of the Estonian sea beats in Saaremaa. The Maritime Festival is based on the small Baltic Sea and highlights the long voyages and explorations of Estonians and the trips across the ocean by the Saaremaa seamen. You can watch the traditional marine festival regatta and demonstrations of different vessels in the yacht marina. Kids can have fun at the Kuressaare beach and park. The Marine Festival also includes the handicraft and haakrik fair at Tori inlet.

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Kuressaare,the capital of Saaremaa with its beautiful, well-preserved old town, is the only town on the island. The town’s most important site is the 14th century citadel, the best-preserved medieval fort in the Baltics. It exhibits provide an overview of the history of the island as well as that of Estonia. In summer handicraft shops, events, concerts and song festivals take place in the courtyard.
The city of Kuressaare has long been like a foreign land, even for Estonians themselves, since it’s situated on Estonia’s largest island and requires a half-hour ferry trip from the mainland. When a session of water treatments are finished in the modern health centre, one can visit Saaremaa Opera Days in the castle’s courtyard or wander through ancient coastal villages. Or sample the islanders’ home-brewed beer with its hidden kick. It’s recommended to somewhat limit the sampling.

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