Jelgava International Sand Sculpture Festival

Jelgava International Sand Sculpture Festival

Jelgava International Sand Sculpture Festival
Date: 13-14.06.2020
Location: Jelgava – Pasta (Post) Island (Latvia)

The oldest and largest sand sculpture festival in the Baltic States. More than twenty recognised sculptors from all over the world will be creating from 14,000 tonnes of sand. Live music is a key part of the festival, as are sand workshops for children. Be on hand and catch the process of sculpting. When darkness falls, the sculptures will appear in a different light, in a shadow play of sorts.

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Jelgava is a hospitable city with rich history and culture. It is located only 45 km far from the capital city Riga in Southern Latvia. Despite all the war destructions in last century, Jelgava nowadays has become a city with dynamic development in the sphere of economics, education and culture. V isitors of Jelgava will get a chance to relax, to enrich oneself culturally, as well as to find place for business activities development. Jelgava is open to share its benefits with others.

A couple of sights we suggest you to visit:

Jelgava Palace
Jelgava Palace, the pearl of Jelgava, is a major attraction that visitors of Jelgava should definitely not miss. It is the largest baroque style palace in the Baltic States, built in the 18th Century by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli as a residence of the Duke of Courland and Zemgale. Explore the history of the Palace and the Duchy by visiting the museum and the Dukes vault. Guests of Jelgava Palace can join the tasty adventure and enjoy hot chocolate accompanied by the “Duchess” and “her court ladies”. You can also take part in a creative workshop “Dorothea’s Love Letters” that will bring you to the atmosphere of the 19th century and reveal the secrets of calligraphy.

Jelgava Holy Trinity Church Tower
Come and explore one of Jelgava’s best attractions, where modern technologies unite with the history delivering outstanding impressions for every visitor. Enjoy the panoramic view over Jelgava city by going up to the top of the Tower. In the end of the tour, delight yourself with an exquisite French cuisine and historical but cosy atmosphere in Tower’s restaurant “La Tour de Marie”.

Source: www.latvia.travel and visit.jelgava.lt

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